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Personal Mentoring with Bonnie Fitzgerald


About Instructor

In person or via Zoom. ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW!

Bonnie brings 25+ years of mosaic knowledge and expertise to the meeting. You bring any project, any size, any material any problem, and together Bonnie helps you figure it out so you can progress with confidence. Need help calculating and ordering materials, finessing designs, finding inspiration, getting clear on technical advice? This may be the best investment you make on your mosaic journey.

Bonnie is available to help you bid custom jobs, noodle through the project of your dreams or to just help you get un-stuck.

These one on one sessions are for any level and any project. The first meeting is a 1 HOUR MINIMUM, thereafter prorated to 15-minute increments. Once your deposit is received confirmation of time and place worked out between you and Bonnie.

In person session held at Bonnie’s private studio in Northern Virginia.  Zoom hosted by Bonnie, you do not need a Zoom account for online interactive mentoring.

And this is WHY I do this: Thank you!  For all you have done to move me along my mosaic path.  You have inspired me in ways there are no words for.  You are a wonderful teacher and my world is so much sweeter with your guidance. You rock!  Affectionately,  Karen L.

Humbling to say the least.

Level Any
1 hour minimum after 1st-hour pro-rated per 15-minute increments
Price $125.00

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