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Bonnie Fitzgerald is the founder and owner of Maverick Mosaics. She has been dedicated to nurturing and expanding creative expression through the art, and the community of mosaic art since the mid 2000's. Maverick Mosaics' educational focus is to open doors to your creativity, pique your urge for adventure, and heighten your sense of discovery.


From history lessons to cultural achievements to breathtaking natural wonders travel changes who we are. Since 2012 Bonnie, has been leading international tours and teaching workshops abroad. 2020 will take us to Portugal and Western Spain. Our 8th trip to the amazing Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is scheduled for January 2021.

Bonnie Portrait

Make It Mosaics YouTube Channel, kits, and website were created out of a passion for bringing the art and craft of mosaics to a wider audience while helping newcomers skip the trial and error phase with sound technical instruction. This is the very place to begin your mosaic journey.


Bonnie’s custom work is bold and innovative, selecting mosaic materials from a broad palette of glass, stone, ceramic, and recycled objects. She designs specifically for the installation site and blends select materials and cutting edge technical approaches to achieve graceful and sophisticated art, and fabricates the work to endure and thrive in whichever environment it is installed. Her personal work is constantly evolving.


Maverick Mosaics has offered art education and unique learning experiences since 2005 to both skilled and first time students drawn to the beauty and mystique of mosaics. Starting in Bonnie's home garage the company eventually expanded to a 2,000 sq. ft. commercial studio and ``school``, where over 1,500 students were taught introductory mosaic classes. Maverick Mosaics is now a virtual business. Workshops are offered in studio locations throughout the Washington DC area, including the Smithsonian Institution’s Studio Arts Department, where Bonnie is the Instructor of Contemporary Mosaics. Her signature course, Architectural Installations and Community Projects, is taught annually at Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In 2013, Maverick Mosaics partnered with A La Carte Travel to design and lead international art travel adventures to Europe and select destinations in the United States.


As a graduate of New College in Sarasota, Florida, her focus of study was monumental sculpture. It is there she learned the art of mosaic and received her first mosaic commission while still in college. Her interest in “making art move” took her to Los Angeles and several years of working in animation and filmmaking. Fitzgerald went on to a 15+ year career in the television and documentary film industry including many years working on the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Awards and the Kennedy Center Honors programs. Making art all along she found her way back to sculpture and mosaics when she attended a volunteer meeting for the Society of American Mosaics Artists annual conference in 2004. Bonnie founded Maverick Mosaics shortly thereafter. Her approach to creating public and custom artwork is anchored in a researched based understanding of, and appreciation for, those who will experience the work and the environment in which it will reside. “When designing large-scale architectural works my priority is to relate to those who will be living with the artwork on a daily basis.” Custom artworks are designed specifically for the site, always with a ``spirit of place`` in mind. For all installation sites she blends unique materials and cutting edge technical approaches to achieve graceful and sophisticated art, and fabricating the work to endure and thrive in whichever environment they are installed. Bonnie's Maverick Legacy Program has placed several large-scale student created public art works in local area schools. She trains student apprentices from the Northern Virginia Area in the design and fabrication process and often employs them along with other local artisans. Bonnie has extensive experience working in collaboration with architects, landscape designers, civic groups, and numerous other stakeholders. She is a certified Commonwealth of Virginia Contractor. Bonnie is also the creator of PinchPals, characters offering expressions of compassion, optimism and support.

Fitzgerald is also the creator of PinchPals. These characters are often seen in her mosaic art-work. Visit www.pinchpals.com for more information and to share the joy.