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This is Bonnie’s longtime “pet project”. The PinchPals are a reflection of her beliefs about and hopes for the world.

THE PINCHPALS™ STORY IS GROUNDED IN THE NOTION THAT, AT OUR CORE, WE HUMAN BEINGS ARE ALL THE SAME. Most of us are compassionate beings with a desire for decency and kindness in our daily lives; we seek connection with others.

OUR MISSION To spark a movement of empathy, connection, and compassion through the broad distribution of PinchPals characters and their messages of acceptance, understanding, and community. Inspiring the next generation to acts of kindness,  providing support and resources to parents and educators. PinchPals artworks reflect social responsibility and good humor.

The PinchPals YouTube Channel gives terrific insights; take a look! Visit the PinchPals FaceBook page to learn more. There we have housed years of photos and much of our story. We know these little characters will find their way while putting a smile on your face and making the world a bit kinder.

PinchPals are “pinched” from clay and in a “pinch” will have your back!

Several artworks have been created with these characters. Here are a few.

Covid Inspired, the PinchPals understood the hope for getting our lives back was all about the vaccine!

The PinchPals remind us that at our core we are all the same, and we are all in the mess of a Pandemic together. A reminder to stay safe during the unsettling Covid-19 time.

Friendly reminder, as an American I have a voice.