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“For all you have done to move me along my mosaic path, thank you!  You have inspired me in ways there are no words for.  You are a wonderful teacher and my world is so much sweeter with your guidance. You rock! ” Affectionately,  Karen  L.


“Your instruction, your patience, your humor and your enthusiasm are exceptional and I feel so lucky to have experienced each of them. You are truly a treasure!”  Martha

“Bonnie’s classes/workshops are wonderful.  She is an inspiring and wonderful instructor. After the first classes I left with many wonderful ideas to try out.  I will definitely take all of the classes, workshops and trips she offers.” Michelle

“I took my first art class with Bonnie a few years back – the introductory mosaic class she teaches at the Smithsonian.  I loved the class so much that I took it six more times!  That is on top of the workshops Bonnie pulls together with visiting mosaic artists.  Bonnie is always encouraging and the length of the course is such that it is possible to complete a finished piece.  She is full of good advice and open to questions.   Based on my love of mosaics,  I’m now a full time art student.   I may be a full time Smithsonian mosaic student as well!” Larry

“I’ve been participating in Bonnie’s workshops for many years.  I’m always guaranteed a great experience  learning, laughing, creating and sharing with fellow mosaic lovers. If you want to master new skills and have fun at the same time, you can’t do better than Maverick Mosaics!” Susanna


Traveling abroad with Maverick Mosaics is a worry-free, extremely pleasant, and mind-expanding experience. They work very hard to create a unique itinerary that exposes you not only to the “must-see” areas of the region but also to the hidden gems that would otherwise be overlooked. With a small tour group, you have the opportunity to engage with your traveling companions and your hosts Bonnie and Ken, as well as the knowledgeable and energetic local guides. I wish I could go with them every year! Mary G.

The France (2016) trip was superb from start to finish. Your caring, compassionate, upbeat, and attentive responses to us at all times was a treasure. Each day was a jewel, totally different from the one before, yet just as exquisitely wonderful. The pace, the content, the food, the accommodations were all beautifully thought through. Mary & Rudy

With Bonnie and Ken we all were taken care of and enjoyed a superior sensory, intellectual, and emotional experience. My feet are still floating above the ground. Thank you Bonnie and Ken for another life treat.  Camy 

Loved the eye-opening marvels of new places to see! Enjoyed the marvelous company of smart, nice, creative, insightful, funny people! Thank you for all the hard work to put this trip together, Bonnie & Ken! Don & Susan

Thank you for a wonderful workshop and week in Barcelona – I so appreciate your talent as well as all the planning, care and hard work that went into making this a great trip for all of us. And thanks for sharing the lovely group photos! I was concerned that with no mosaic experience I would feel intimidated- not in the least, Bonnie and Liva were wonderfully accommodating, a great trip! Elisa


ABOUT BONNIE’S 2022 WANDERLUST EXHIBITION. Fascinating to hear the back-stories about your pieces !  We have your work “Evolution” – which we love – it speaks to our eyes, our minds, and our hearts.  Thank you for your wonderful artistic gifts to the world !   -Susan and Don


“A primary criterion for the Palmer Park Center public artwork in Prince George’s County, Maryland was for the design to be a “must see” identifier and destination for the neighborhood. Bonnie met that challenge head on with enthusiasm, solid research, willing collaboration and innovative approaches to her work. After 3 years, our artwork at the Palmer Park Center continues to serve as a much loved and appreciated community landmark.” Alec Simpson, Countywide Arts Coordinator, Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission

“Bonnie designed a series of mosaic panels telling the history of art–from a cave painting to Keith Haring–on the backs of large cement risers that seat 40 elementary school students in an amphitheater within a courtyard art garden at Drew Model School. After visiting the school, she came up with three possible designs that we could choose from that fit within a budget based entirely on an awarded grant. Bonnie’s “history of art” mosaics thrilled the two art teachers at Drew–their students could see famous works by DaVinci, Van Gogh, Matisse and Jacob Lawrence at school! — and won raves from the PTA, Drew’s principal and other staff who were all deeply invested in the completion of the art garden. Bonnie impressed me way beyond expectations, not just with her incredible artistic ability and gorgeous craftsmanship, but with her professionalism, positive attitude, and sense of humor throughout the course of a very demanding project. Although she worked tirelessly from start to finish, she made my job easy every step of the process, from the clear phased contract to her regular updates and communications on her progress. She even installed the mosaics AHEAD of our agreed schedule, a first for me in the 8 years I spent working on projects at Drew. She was truly a pleasure to work with in every regard, and I feel incredibly lucky to have had a hand in Bonnie’s beautiful gift to so many young students, many of whom have never been to an art museum.” Julie Gantz