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Legacy Projects

Fitzgerald created and designed the Maverick Mosaics Legacy Program for public schools to educate and promote appreciation of community and public art to the “next generation”. These large-scale “legacy” works are permanent installations created by the current student body and presented as “gifts” to future students. Each program begins with collaboration among significant numbers of community representatives, children, teachers, parents and civic leaders. If you are interested in developing a Legacy project with your school please drop us a note and we will send you our guidelines.

2019 school year Bonnie worked with 5th and 6th graders at Ravensworth Elementary School in Fairfax, Virginia on a large scale ceramic mosaic work based on the notion of “cycles”. Each group of 4 tiles were created by a team of 3 kids, lots of problem solving. Other schools Bonnie has work with include Hunter’s Woods Elementary School, Centreville Elementary, Marshall Roads just to name a few.