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MAKE IT MOSAICS YouTube Channel ``is the best video channel I have watched. Great directions and instruction. New to the craft and learned so much.`` Cindy K. MAKE IT MOSAICS ONLINE is Bonnie's new learning center, the 1st Course Teaching Beginner Mosaics is a modern approach to teaching the ancient craft.


In-person and interactive online courses offered throughout the year. ``For all you have done to move me along my mosaic path, thank you! You have inspired me in ways there are no words for. You are a wonderful teacher and my world is so much sweeter with your guidance. You rock! `` Affectionately, Karen L.


Travel enriches our lives immeasurably. ``Bonnie, your trips seem to curate the best of humans to participate. It’s a joy. Thank you for creating these gems``. Lee-Ann ``Rich visual experiences -- landscapes, cityscapes, art, art, art -- with genial travelers, and completely worry free due to the care and perfect hospitality of Bonnie and Ken``. Camy C.


``This artist has clearly mastered an elegant and refined simplicity in linework.......while also rendering sophisticated detailing.....and subtle use of color and shading. I returned several times focusing on the details to discover new textures and the skilled planning of assemblage of the art.” Susan Goldberg, Juror, 2017 Mosaic Arts International Exhibition