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France: Paris, the Périgord region and Bordeaux


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We are now accepting deposits. Space is limited to 15 participants.


This is the trip of a lifetime! We will focus on art and cultural achievements through the ages. The Périgord region of France (southwest) is where some of the oldest know artistic expressions on earth exist, the famous Caves of Lascaux (Paleolithic-Stoneage).  Special meals, wine tastings, and private and exclusive entry to archeological sites as we experience moments in art and culture spanning 21,000 years! There will be time at the celebrated market of Sarlat, 2 days in Bordeaux and so much more. Our trip begins and ends with time in Paris where we will walk the Pont des Arts, visit the lively Latin Quarter and get a taste of the “City of Light.” We travel via private coach and train, our guides are University educated and experts in their fields, and French speaking escorts travel with us. You will experience sites you have only ever dreamed of and visit magical locales you never even knew about. The trip is the perfect mix of history, art, great food, free-time. The ultimate unique learning adventure.

Our tentative schedule highlights include:

  • 2 days in Paris to get over jet lag and 2 days at the end of our adventure to further explore this magical city
  • Based in the Sarlat for three nights we will take in their famed market, and enjoy being settled into a peaceful and comfortable hotel where you can relax and soak in the local color.
  • We visit castles, abbeys, a truffle farm and make art in the shadows of pre-historic shelters.
  • A visit to Lascaux IV International Center provides a unique opportunity to contemplate and feel the authentic emotion of discovering the Lascaux cave, to learn to observe it, to question it and to reflect on the environmental and cultural context in which it was made.
  • Onto Bordeaux where of course there will be wine tastings, special meals and so much more.

The caves of Lascaux have been referred to as the prehistoric equivalent of the Sistine Chapel and one of the trip highlights will be visiting the brand new Lascaux IV International Centre. The Centre is newly opened, and the experience promises to be “off the charts.” The tour begins by taking us back in time 21,000 years – when animals dominated the Lascaux landscape. Fast forward to 1940, when 4 young boys discovered the treasure of the caves. The new Centre is a technological marvel, a cutting edge museum dedicated to one of the oldest treasures on the planet.

We will also tour Castle Merle, a prehistoric site renowned for 10 authentic prehistoric rock shelters dating back 35,000 years, and these cave dwellings include original sculptures from the period. We will participate in a workshop at Castle Merle making a stone sculptures using locally sourced materials – quite a souvenir! We will also enjoy a picnic lunch prepared as a cro magnon man (or woman) would have cooked.

We visit the archaeological site of Moncaret.  With its breathtaking mosaics these Roman ruins date to the 4th and 5th centuries.

Our next stop, Bordeaux. The second most visited city in France. We will enjoy lunch in a vineyard, and learn about wine in its cultural context at the museum of wine – an architectural marvel in its own right. Its bulging body is designed by Paris-based XTU to evoke “perpetual movement”, referencing the action of wine swirling in a glass, as well as the continuous flow of the adjacent Garonne river.

At the end of our adventure, we travel back to Paris and have a special Bon Voyage dinner at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, and a barge ride on the Seine.

This trip is open to adults only. Trip originates and concludes in Paris.

An English Speaking Tour Escort accompanies our group for the entire trip. Group size limited to 15.

$4,195 per person, double occupancy, air fare not included.  Single supplement available. If you plan on traveling with someone please drop us a note so we match you up. If you are traveling alone, snd do not select single supplement, you will be matched with a same sex roommate.

The trip originates and concludes in Paris.


Hassle-free travel is a paramount feature of our trips. No waiting in lines for scheduled tours and we have professional-speaking escorts and guides traveling with us. Along with our partner Dream Travel, we promote the values of understanding the world we live in through experiencing and learning about different cultures. With 25+ years of experience organizing tours for educational institutions, Dream Travel’s founder, Rene Piard, is the perfect partner with Maverick Mosaics for our unique travel and learning experiences. Our typical travelers include couples, singles, friends, mothers and daughters. Safety and convenience are top priorities on our trips.

Airfare and trip insurance are not included in the price. All rooms are priced for double occupancy. Single supplement available. 

Hooray Travel is BACK!!!

Note USA citizens, check your passport expiration date before committing to a trip! It may take as long as 10 weeks to get a renewed passport, replacement even longer!

Photos are from our 2016 trip. To see a video of our trip visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nsfj-BYpgIc

Start On September 7, 2022
Duration 10 days
Level All are Welcome
Price $4,199.00

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