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Exterior Mosaics


About Instructor

This workshop is a comprehensive overview of special interest for anyone interested in creating mosaics for outside. The workshop has been developed exclusively for Contemporary Mosaics Artists Online group. You must be a member to attend, drop instructor a note for details. If you are member click here for sign up If you are already a member of CMA2 click here for sign up.

Successful outdoor mosaics require the correct combination of materials: substrate, adhesive and tesserae. In this workshop, you will be introduced to using thin-set mortar as your adhesive, learn how to test materials for freeze/thaw, and design works with technical realities in mind. Students create a small project of their choosing. Recommended projects include house signs, stepping stones and small wall hangings.

Lecture, demonstration, hands-on work along and Q & A. 5 hours of online instruction. Students will be mentored to create a project of their choosing and should expect to work on own outside of class.  Please review supply list before committing to this workshop. A comprehensive hand-out and resource list is provided as a part of the workshop.



 A small substrate, any of these work:

  • A concrete “stepping stone”***
  • Wediboard or any other polystyrene core substrate. See this video of all of your options: Click here to learn about various substrate options.
  • Substrates should be no smaller than 6” x 6” and no larger than one square foot if you aspire to complete in our time frame.
  • No terracotta pots, no bowling balls

Enough tessarae for your project, acceptable materials include: stained glass, smalti, high fire ceramic, porcelain.

Appropriate tools to cut your materials.

Thin-set mortar rated exterior. YOU CAN NOT USE PRE-MIXED THIN-SET. Watch this video!

Obtaining, thin-set mortar may be a challenge for some students, it is not usually available in small amounts. As a convenience Instructor will ship students 3 pounds of Laticrete 254 thin-set mortar, ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF WORKSHOP START DATE.  This product is designed specifically for exterior, vertical and high-traffic applications. It is a superior product and adequate for any of the tesserae noted above. The cost per student is $15 PLUS shipping.

***concrete “stepping stones are an EXCELLENT substrate, very inexpensive and readily available form Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.

Instructor will be creating a small mixed media piece (glass tile, unglazed porcelain, stained glass).


Please DO NOT use your phone as the primary viewing of the workshop. Using your desk computer, lap top or tablet will give you a more pleasurable experience. A desk lamp will be helpful.

To work along during class you will need a covered flat surface and your supplies and tools handy. If you have a design in mind please have scaled for class #1. KEEP IT SIMPLE.  We will work along in class as time permits. Feel free to send design in advance for instructor.

Student projects will most likely benefit from grouting, it is UNCLEAR AT THIS WRITING IF WE WILL GROUT IN CLASS. This will depend on students completion of their projects. Instructor will do grout demonstration as time permits.

Any questions or concerns feel free to drop a note: [email protected]

One last thing, please note that when you take workshops through CMA2 a portion of the proceeds is directed back to CMA2, these workshop are an important step towards CMA2’s sustainability.


Gallery Images are exterior works created by instructor, or student works.  Instructor has been creating exterior mosaic works in just about every material and environment for over 20 years.

Start On June 15, 2023
Duration 2.5 hours per class
Level Any
Supplies Students supply all materials
2 class meetings June 15 & 22, 2023
Adhesive of choice As a convenience Instructor will ship students 3
times 6:30-9 pm
Price $195.00

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