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Ancient Motifs, Modern Materials

About Instructor

In this course, students create a modern interpretation of a classical mosaic design inspired by the Roman and Byzantine periods. Using unglazed ceramic porcelain, these modern artworks mimic ancient mosaics informed by a review of the history of mosaics, including classical mosaic design and fabrication.

Students new to mosaics are required to work from instructor-designed kits. Experienced and returning students may work on a design of their choosing; however, they must provide all materials. Before signing up for this course, please review the supply list below to understand course requirements, design options, and time commitment.

Mosaics take time. Students should expect to work at least 2 hours outside of class per week with an eye to finishing as a group on class 4. These projects are for interior display only. Students with no mosaic experience are required to purchase an instructor designed-kit. There are 4 designs available, as a first-time buyer, a 10% discount is provided: JUMPIN. The Make it Mosaics Art Kits include everything needed except items noted below. Your artwork will be fully framed upon completion. Images are shown by the degree of difficulty, “Bee” is the easiest, and “Wave” is the most challenging.

In addition to kit, or if providing all materials on your own, you will need the following:

  • LePonitt wheel tool. Click here for favorite vendor.
  • Safety Glasses
  • Acrylic paint to wood stain to treat the frame
  • Brush and rag
  • Other optional tools: Tweezers, apron, picking tools such as toothpicks or dental tools
  • Plastic lid (to put glue in).

Returning or experienced students must supply all materials if opting out of kit purchase.

  • Pattern to scale. This video reviews several options for designing or finding a pattern, click here. Click here to YouTube.
  • Appropriate substrate: hardwood or MDF. For wood frames like the above in various sizes click here.
  • Unglazed porcelain tiles for your pattern.
  • Adhesive, Weldbond, 2 oz. minimum.

If you are a returning student and interested in one of the images in gallery below drop instructor a note. Not all images available, but many are, never hurts to ask! Instructor will also guide you to purchasing materials, we are working in unglazed porcelain only.

Click here to learn about kits. An advantage to kits is your final artwork will be framed upon completion.

Photos include 4 Ancient Motif Make it Mosaics Kit images, and other images created by students using unglazed porcelain.

Start On January 23, 2024
Duration 8 hrs
Level Any
4 weekly meetings January 23, 30, February 6 & 13, 2024
Via Zoom Tuesdays, 6:30-9 pm Eastern Time
Price $155.00

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