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Tempered Glass Mosaics – weekend workshop

About Instructor

This workshop will be held at Glen Echo Park in Glen Echo, MD. For priority notice of WHEN sign ups will begin drop Bonnie an email.

Join us for a Bling-ing good time!

In this workshop, we combine collage with mosaic techniques using tempered glass. Also known as crash glass, tempered glass gives a jewel-like surface. Complete at least two small mosaic pieces using an overlaying technique with tissue paper, foils, stamps, metallic papers, glitter, mylar, and more. Works are for interior display. The workshop goal is for you to complete at least two, hopefully three, mosaic pieces, one @ 4” x 4”, the two @ 8” x 8”. These works make GREAT GIFTS.

This is the perfect medium to permanently incorporate printed imagery. You may also bring beads or any flat embellishments you’d like to incorporate into your design.

Tools loan, adhesives, substrates are also included in the supply fee.   However, if you own a wheel tool recommend you bring it.  Ditto tweezers, scissors, or any other tools you like working with.  Also an apron.  A grout demonstration will be given and we will send you home with your own grout kit to complete on your own. Not all works are grouted.

Instructor will provide a generous supply of glitz and glitter, stamps, stickers, and more.  But feel free to bring other small paper images, photos, or text to include in your mosaic. $65 separate supply fee covers tool loan, adhesives and substrate. For all levels, no experience is necessary.


Student Supply List:

  • Mosaic wheel tool to cut glass – if you do not own instructor will loan you one, these are available at most stained glass stores. DROP THE INSTRUCTOR AN EMAIL IF YOU NEED A TOOL LOAN.
  • Tweezers
  • Scissors
  • Exacto knife or box cutter
  • Safety Glasses
  • Apron
  • Any other tools you like working with (dental tools are very helpful)

A grout demonstration will be given and we will send you home with a grout kit to complete on your own if we do not do during class. Not all works are grouted. A detailed supply resource list will be provided as part of the workshop.

If you wish to incorporate photographs make COLOR PHOTOCOPIES (even if a black and white image) and know that our scale is relatively small. I recommend you bring a few different sizes not to exceed 2″. Please do not bring original photographs (the photo paper is too thick AND we don’t want to damage your photographs). Also, DO NOT bring copies made on an ink-jet printer, the ink will run with the glue we use.


Can’t make the workshop, check out this video about Tempered Glass. Click here to my YouTube channel.

Start On December 2, 2023
Duration 2 days
Level Any
Supply Fee $65
Weekend December 2 & 3, 2023
10 hours Sat. 10am - 4pm, Sun. 10am - 2pm
Price $225.00

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