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Reverse Method on brown paper using stone & smalti


About Instructor

The Reverse Method, April 3, 4 & 5.  Friday, 11 am-6 pm,  Saturday & Sunday, 10am-1pm. Oakton, VA.

This is one of the most mysterious methods of mosaic making, yet it is the tried and true method for finished mosaics to ensure a perfectly flat surface; an important consideration for mosaics on table tops, floor medallions and wall inserts.

In this workshop you will learn this traditional fabrication method and create a paper-face mounted (reverse method) mosaic using brown craft paper and flour paste.  Although this is an ancient technique, even today this is the method of choice used to create some of the largest modern installations of mosaic in the world. Purposefully we will use materials of varying thicknesses: stone and smalti.

BONUS: hammer and hardie training, the best way to cut stone!

Included in your supply fee is a generous selection of tesserae, your substrate, flour paste and mortar setting bed. The workshop goal is for all students to COMPLETE the project, start to finish, during workshop hours, and to experience all of the creative and technical steps involved in this method. Our artworks will measure 8” x 8”.

Students will learn the making of flour paste, setting the tesserae and we will discuss the numerous benefits of this technique, such as creating a flat surface, large format works and transporting for installation.

Some mosaic experience required, although you do not have to of worked in stone or smalti.  Students will prepare materials with hand tools and the hammer and hardie.

Several designs will be provided to select from.  The focus of this course is on the use of the material and learning technique; if a student wants to work on a specific design of his/her own, they must get approval from the instructor in advance.

If you wish to bring you own hammer and hardie, great! Tools have a memory. Or if you want to purchase your own hammer and hardie drop us a note and we are happy to provide sources. Also know we can provide the “post” and will show you how to install your hardie, $50 for post and drilling.

Maverick Mosaics owns 5 hammer & hardies for student loan.

For now we are noting location as Vienna, VA, but workshop held at Bonnie’s private home studio in Oakton, VA and space is limited to just 5 students. Address provided after sign up.

The odd workshop hours work with the times of our technical steps. This is a 14 hour workshop spread over 3 days.

Friday hours are to help work around DC traffic.


Start On April 3, 2020
Duration 14 hours
Level Intermediate
Supply Fee $75
Hours Fri. 11am-6pm, Sat. & Sun., 10am-1pm
Price $285.00

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