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Exploring the principles of color theory and how we can apply those principles to mosaic is an invaluable skill. Internalizing these doctrines will change how you approach your next project, for the better! We will experiment with gradations, color mixing, contrasts and much more.

This workshop is designed for students with some mosaic experience and those who are ready to take their work to a new level. How hue, tone, value and contrast can be applied to your mosaic work is examined through a series of exercises and studio studies. We DO NOT make a project; however, you will go home with all the exercises and studies made in class.

Different from painting, where you can mix exactly the color needed, in mosaic we need to trick the eye. Understanding color mixing and how color theory rules can be modified for mosaic will allow you to take your mosaic work in new directions. Mastering color theory will also help you create successful gradations. Color gradations make for dynamic backgrounds and can give a refreshing sense of depth and interest to your mosaic.

Your head will be spinning, and you’ll leave the workshop with your studies in hand along with an extensive hand-out.

Students asked to bring: good quality glass wheel nipper, pencil, sharpie, ruler, scissors, tweezers and apron.

A separate $45 supply and photocopy fee payable day of workshop.

Workshop held at the Vienna Art Center space, 243 Church Street, NW, suite 100 LL, Vienna, VA 22180

Photo: by Bonnie Fitzgerald unidentified artist, Ravenna Art Museum, Italy. If anyone out there knows this artist name please let me know so I can reach out to them!
Start On May 4, 2019
Duration one day
Level Intermediate
Supply & Photocopy Fee $45
Location Vienna Art Center space, Vienna, VA
Price $125.00

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